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" Together, we can create a brighter future."

A Neighbourhood Plan gives the local community the opportunity to set out their vision for the place they live in, to agree the amount and location of housing and commercial development, influence decisions about the services like education and healthcare and infrastructure such as roads and parking that should be part of it. 

Diss and District Neighbourhood Plan Area includes Diss Town and the six encircling parishes of Roydon, Burston & Shimpling, Scole, Brome & Oakley, Stuston and Palgrave. These communities rely on Diss for most of their needs - Diss as a market town and its local businesses are supported by those living and working in them.


As each one is dependent on the others, those living and working in the area must have a say in how and where it should grow so that together the local councils can guide development of the plan. 

Through initial consultation and an understanding and appreciation of the problems that we all face (such as lack of school places, traffic congestion, rat-running, inadequate medical facilities, etc) we have set out the challenges we think the plan needs to address.

View the Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version.


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