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Community Consultation

Summer 2020: Issues & Options Consultation

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Delivery of over 7500 postcards shown above, was arranged across the seven parishes involved in the Plan. They were also left wherever possible in community amenities. Posters were put up, along with three radio interviews and coverage in the local media. 


The survey focused on several areas:

  • Community assets worthy of protection in the Plan

  • Walking and cycling network and improvements

  • General questions to inform key policy areas

Community assets had been identified by members of the Diss and District Neighbourhood Plan Working Group who had been set the task of identifying and recording local green spaces, important views and non-designated heritage assets.


The questions in the survey were to ascertain which assets are considered particularly important, and why.


Only those assets that are particularly special to the local community can be identified and protected in the Neighbourhood Plan. A benchmark of 80% or above of respondents ‘strongly agreeing’ and ‘agreeing’ that the asset is important to them has been used to demonstrate this. In the case of views and local green spaces, respondents were invited to contribute their own suggestions. 

Where there is a requirement for housing growth in the parish (as set by the District Council), residents were also asked for their views in relation to potential sites for this to be delivered. In some cases, respondents provided their own suggestions of alternative sites.

Our intention is also to develop a walking and cycling network for Diss area which can be a key focus for improvements. In the main the questions relating to walking and cycling focused on understanding people’s priorities for improvement. This area of work is still underway.

Suggestions for additional local green spaces and important views were also invited and are currently being considered for further consultation. A number of other questions on a range of issues were also asked. 

Around 13% of the people living in the seven parishes involved in the Plan completed the survey, and the findings have informed the key issues and options for the Diss and District Neighbourhood Plan. It is important to note that this consultation is one element of the evidence and assessment work that will help determine the final policies, site allocations and selection of valued assets.


All of the evidence compiled to support the Neighbourhood Plan will be made publicly available on this website.


To view the reports for each Parish, please click the 'Parish Pages' tab in the top menu bar and select the parish from the drop down list.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

DDNP Steering Group

Summaries and full reports of each parish's results are available on the drop down 'Parish Pages' tab, top right of the menu bar. 

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