Groups facing complex issues such as allocating sites for development or including design codes in their neighbourhood plan, such as is the case with the  DDNP can apply for a technical support grant by AECOM. We were successful in securing a grant, and AECOM produced the following documents on our behalf: 

Associated Documents

AECOM Housing Needs Assessment (July 2019)

  • This assessment provides vital evidence to help understand the expected demand for housing in our neighbourhood plan area over the period of the plan (usually around 20 years)

AECOM Site Options and Assessments Report (Dec 2019)

  • This document assesses the 35 sites put forward for possible development

AECOM Site Options and Assessments Report (Dec 2020)

  • The follow on document assesses a further 17 possible sites, plus makes some revisions to the initial 2019 report (published above).


AECOM Design Codes

  • This document, produced by professional urban designers explores local areas and to produce bespoke rural design guides, or codes, for potential development or regeneration sites.

South Norfolk Council's Place Making Guide

  • The purpose of the South Norfolk Place-Making Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is to promote and secure high quality design in new development within South Norfolk. It also makes clear what we expect when deciding planning applications


Collective Community Planning (Consultants to the DDNPSG)

Tibbalds Consultants

Norfolk County Council

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