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AECOM Site Options & Assessment Report Dec 2020

At over 300 pages long, the second AECOM Site Options and Assessments report covering a further 17 sites across the DDNP area isn't a quick read, but it does give an independent assessment of these sites as to their suitability for possible future development. It also includes some revisions of assessments of some of the 35 sites in the first AECOM Sites Assessment report, published here Dec 2019. Both of the reports, along with the DDNP Evidence Base 2019 drafted by our consultants plus the findings of the two Community Surveys which ran July/Aug and Nov/Dec of last year, will help shape the DDNP, which is currently being written, and joins a growing library of information available here, in our DOCUMENTS section of this site.

17122020_Site Options and Assessment_Dis
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