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An important message for Roydon residents

Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan (DDNP)

A clarification for Roydon residents.

Proposals under the DDNP are currently out for public consultation until August 14th, including those for housing.

Your Roydon representatives on the Steering Group were informed, after making enquiries, that the DDNP housing proposals have to be within the guidelines set by the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP), which is the emerging plan for South Norfolk, Norwich & Broadland, as well as those set by the South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocation Plan (SNVCHAP). It is these two plans which set the requirement for, and amount of housing growth. These guidelines are non-negotiable.

Under these mandatory guidelines, a requirement for 400 dwellings has been set for Diss + Roydon, where, for planning purposes only, the built-up part of Roydon which is adjacent to Diss, is considered within the Diss housing requirement. We would stress this is for planning purposes only, and those houses built under this requirement, which lie in the parish of Roydon, will still be part of the parish. The parish boundary between Diss and Roydon will remain exactly as it is currently.

In addition, South Norfolk Council are working on preferred options for their Village Clusters allocations, which they intend to consult on in November 2020. Within this, Roydon is likely to receive an allocation for 25 new homes which must be situated in, or close to, the core of Roydon near to local services such as the village school and shop.

It has taken longer than expected to reach this stage of the DDNP process but, after a slow start, we should have a draft of the plan in the coming months where you will again have a chance to give feedback. There has been a lot of co-operation and exchange of ideas between the representatives of the seven parishes involved in the plan’s Steering Group which has brought us to this stage. So, please let us know your views on all aspects of the plan by responding to the current consultation.

Paul Curson & Jane Jennifer,

Roydon representatives,

DDNP Steering Group.


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