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Planning a walk in the countryside this weekend?

The sunny weather is perfect for walking, cycling, packing a picnic or discovering local heritage and landmarks. Thanks to the work of local volunteers, Parish Councils and the DDNP Steering Group, each Parish involved in the Plan has had its community assets such as important local views, cycleways and footpaths, heritage assets (such as local monuments and places of historical interest) and local green spaces mapped. The consultation that's currently underway invites you to indicate which assets are important to you - and space to say why you value them. You can also put forward any others that you think should be included, and why. The results of the survey provide evidence of what the local community has said is important to them, which can then be specifically referenced and included in the Plan. This, plus giving your views on where housing allocated by Government for some of these parishes should go over the next twenty years or so is another reason why it is so important to take part in the Issues & Options Survey that is open until August 14th. Please take this opportunity to have your say on the things you care about. Just click the Issues & Options Survey tab at the top to launch the survey - we need your feedback!


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