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We had 345 people take part in the Issues & Options survey for Roydon, out of a total of 961.


The results can be viewed below. 

As a result of the survey, a number of new sites and local green spaces have been suggested, and we will be running another survey in November - so watch this space!

Roydon Steering Group representatives: Paul Curson and Jane Jennifer

Local Issues:
  • Brewers Green and other common land needs protection from development

  • Provision of further open space needed, both formal and for wildlife

Information below was published in regard to the Issues & Options Consultation 1, which is now closed. The results are published at the top of this page)



In addition to a section on the proposed Site Allocation, (please read the clarification above), there are sections on proposed Local Green Spaces, Key Viewpoints, non-designated Heritage Assets, and a proposal to protect the remaining open land between Roydon and the built up area of Diss which includes part of Roydon. 


Local Green Space (Map 1)

Of the seventeen proposed Local Green Spaces, we've proposed all five of our play areas in the parish and the allotment sites at Louie's Lane and Snow Street and various stretches of woodland walking (eg between Swamp Lane and Hose Avenue, and between the rugby club pitch and Baynards Lane) which we feel are well used and loved by our community and we want you to say whether or not you agree with our proposals. 

Note: Brewers Green and Roydon Fen, although hugely valued local green spaces, are not included as they are already designated Common Land, which gives them sufficient protection without being recognised as Local Green Spaces

Key Viewpoints (Map 2)

Our proposed Key Viewpoints aim to protect Roydon's special qualities and outlooks. 


Non-Designated Heritage Assets (Map 3)

Our non-designated Heritage Assets (ie non-Listed buildings) include the wonderful Tower House on High Road and what was the Old Mill House at 113 Shelfanger Road, and many more. 


Roydon Gap between the village and Diss (Map 4)

And there's the section on our proposal to protect the remaining gap of open land between Roydon and the built up area of Diss which includes part of Roydon. 


We welcome and encourage your feedback on all of this, including your thoughts and opinions about the proposed Site Allocation (Map 5). The best way to do this is to complete the survey by clicking on the Issues & Options tab in the top menu.

Thank you

Paul Curson and Jane Jennifer

Roydon Steering Group representatives DDNP

Diss & District Neighbourhood plan

Map 1: Local Green Space identified in the DDNP

roydon lgs.jpg

Map 3: Non-designated heritage assets in Roydon

roydon heritage assets.png

Map 2: Key viewpoints in Roydon identified in the DDNP 

roydon views.jpg

Map 4: Protecting the gap between Roydon and Diss

roydon gap.jpg

Map 5: PROPOSED site allocation


c/o Diss Town Council

11-12 Market Hill

Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4JZ