Scole is the largest parish in South Norfolk. Its character is dominated by the landscape of the Waveney Valley with the A143,  which provides extensive views to the north and south.

The village has a population of about 1500 consisting of many young or retired families together with a number of new arrivals who add to the generations of local families. The old Roman Road passing through Scole Village was badly congested with traffic up until the time when the village benefited from two bypasses constructed during the 1990’s.


There is currently a problem of traffic using the village as a short cut between Diss and the A143 in both directions, and also between the A143 and A140, again in both directions.

This traffic often ignores the 30 and 40 mph speed limits, which impacts on the safety of pedestrians and local traffic, and in particular passing by the primary school which has no dedicated safe crossing.


Scole village has a small shop but sadly no longer a post office which has had a detrimental impact on the whole parish community in particular the elderly.


Key characteristics of the area are the concentration of built form at historic crossroads dominated by the Scole Inn, the importance of St Andrew’s Church on raised platform, trees and open space/ recreation areas to the south and modern expansion and development to east and south. The historic grain generally follows a linear form along the former two main roads that pass through village, with the concentration of buildings at their crossroads.

Scole Conservation Area Character Appraisal, 2017, by South Norfolk Council

For more information about Scole  Click here for the Parish Council website.

Steering Group Representatives for Scole are Dola Ward and Graham Moore
Local issues:
  • A larger parish meeting place is needed

  • Rat running traffic, including HGVs, needs to be reduced

  • Safe pedestrian / cyclists access to and from Diss 

  • Conservation and management of the River Waveney environment by developing Scole Pocket Path and a river walk

  • Housing development needs to be in keeping with a rural community


c/o Diss Town Council

11-12 Market Hill

Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4JZ