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The Process

Any neighbourhood plan can take several years from start to very finish. They finish when, following a successful referendum,  they are 'made' and become a document that must be considered by planning officers when deciding on whether to approve planning applications. 


Most neighbourhood plan focus on a single parish area,  with a steering group made up of people connected with that area.  

The Diss and District Neighbourhood Plan covers six parishes (some of which comprise two settlements) and a market town.  It is one of the most complex plans underway in the UK.

Work started summer 2017, you can visit South Norfolk Council's site here to view the logged documents. 

Where are we in the process?

We have received funding from Locality, the Government funded agency that provides advice, guidance and funding to groups undertaking neighbourhood planning.  This money has paid for this website and for the consultancy support we need. 

We have gathered evidence from the community and drafted an Evidence Base. this document is work in progress, but go to the documents library to view the latest version. 

We have established a working group of local volunteers who helped log important views, local green spaces, non-designated heritage assets and cycle/footpath networks. 

We have liaised with AECOM who provide Government funded technical support, and have they have drafted:

  • a housing needs assessment for the area

  • a design codes guide

  • an assessment on the sites put forward for possible development

These documents are available to view in our documents archive.

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