A vision for the future

From asking people about what they liked and wanted for the area, a shared vision has started to emerge.

'A vibrant community centred around a thriving market town' seemed to encapsulate the many different aspects of what people said was important to them.


From this, aims and themes for the plan can be identified. Whilst some of what people said they wanted, particularly around traffic, is beyond the scope of a neighbourhood plan, the policies within it can help shape planning decisions.

Here's a quick guide to what neighbourhood plans can, and can't influence: 

Can a neighbourhood plan:

Protect an ancient tree?

YES - through policies which plance appropriate conditions on planning permission

Provide affordable homes?

Yes - planning policies can require a proportion of new homes to be affordable and deliver this through a S106 agreement

Improve the local train service?

No - that requires lobbying the train company and local MP


Introduce a 20mph zone?

No - speed limits are a matter for the Highways Authority, but traffic management in relation to new development is for planning policy



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