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Proposals for development within the Waveney Quarter of Diss will contribute towards it becoming a focal point for leisure and recreation.

An essential element of the Plan is to promote regeneration of the south side of Park Road, establishing a new ‘Waveney Quarter’ along the river Waveney. The vision is to enhance the attractiveness of both this area and the town centre, creating a multifunctional green space with good connectivity from the town with the river valley.

Development in this area will include improved green infrastructure and some enabling housing.

There will be a new riverside walk connecting to the existing pathway from the Lows and Palgrave extending it through to Fair Green. There will also be enhanced pedestrian and cycling connectivity from the Diss Park and Mere. Given its proximity to the river corridor opportunities will be taken to enhance biodiversity and strengthen ecological networks.

Support the DDNP referendum and help us to develop this leisure and recreation provision.

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