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What's planned for the area?

This information is correct at the time of publishing, and will be updated as the Local Plans emerge. 

The neighbourhood area covers two counties and is therefore covered by two local plans, both of which are being updated. 


Diss, Roydon, Scole and  Burston and Shimpling parishes are located in South Norfolk District, whereas Palgrave, Stuston, and Brome and Oakley parishes fall within Mid Suffolk District.

South Norfolk Council have advised that the Diss ward should seek to accommodate at least 300 new dwellings in Diss and Roydon in the Diss and District Neighbourhood Plan for the period through to 2036.


In addition, Scole and Burston and Shimpling parishes also have to accommodate a minimum of 35 new dwellings each.


The consultation draft Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan has an allocation of 64 homes, comprising a minimum of 49 in Palgrave Parish which all of them already have planning permission and 15 homes in Brome and Oakley Parish.


There is no joint Local Plan expectation of any housing from Stuston, though some windfall sites may emerge and these, too, will require sensitive design.


NP Area map graphic 2020 final.png
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