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Protecting Local Green Spaces in Diss

The National Planning Policy Framework sets out that specific areas of land which are demonstrably special to the local community may be protected against development through designation as Local Green Space. These are often found within the built-up area and contribute to the character of a settlement. These can vary in size, shape, location, ownership and use, but such spaces will have some form of value to the community and help define what makes that specific settlement what it is.


The designation should only be used where:

  • The green space is reasonably close to the community it serves;

  • The green area is demonstrably special to the community and holds a particular local significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value, tranquillity, or richness of its wildlife;

  • The green area concerned is local in character and is not an extensive tract of land.


A robust process has been followed to determine which green spaces across the Diss and District Neighbourhood Plan area should be designated. A working group of residents from each parish was used to identify potential sites for designation. These were then mapped, visited and evidence gathered as to their current use, history, importance locally and special qualities.


Potential sites were reviewed to determine if, at a glance, they met the national criteria, with all those which did or may do put to consultation. Residents were asked to what extent they agreed that the green spaces put forward in their community were special to them, and if they had any specific comments as to why they are special. Any landowners affected by LGS designation are being contacted to make them aware of the potential implications and given the opportunity to provide their views. 

Which Local Green Spaces in Diss* have been identified for inclusion in the DDNP?

  • Diss Cemetery

  • Fair Green

  • Diss Park and the Mere

  • The banks of the Mere (map below)

  • Parish Fields

  • Rectory Meadows

  • Frenze Beck

  • Frenze Pond

  • Diss and District Bowling Green

  • Diss Causeway Bowling Green

  • Diss High School Playing Fields

  • St Mary the Virgin- Churchyard

  • Desira Wood

  • Dennyholme Greenspace

  • Walcot Hall Meadow -

  • The Quaker burial ground behind the Quaker Meeting House

  • Diss Football Ground

*all the parishes involved in the DDNP have had local green spaces identified, and we will be publishing more information on those shortly. The parishes involved in the DDNP are Diss, Roydon, Scole, Burston & Shimpling, Brome & Oakley, Palgrave and Stuston. 

Below is a map of Diss, with the Mere's bank side properties shown in green. 

Burial ground behind the Quaker Meeting
St Mary the Virgin Church, Diss.jpg
Walcot Hall, Diss.jpg
Banks of the Mere with Baptist Church in
The Clynt. Open banks of the Mere.jpg
Diss Park & Mere.jpg
Fair Green sign.JPG
Local Green Spaces in Diss banks of the

Read more about each Local Green Space identified in Diss here. 

Read the results of the first consultation, which took place July/August 2020 here

Read the results of the second consultation, which took place Nov/Dec 2020 here

Got a comment? you can email the steering group - just press the blue button here:
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