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Protecting our Non-Designated Heritage assets.

The DDNP has listed 37 Non-Designated Heritage Assets for protection.

The character, integrity and appearance of existing historic assets will be protected and where possible enhanced. Development proposals should avoid harm to these heritage assets and have regard to their character, important features, setting and relationship with surrounding buildings or uses. Any development proposals that affect these assets or their setting will need to demonstrate that they do not harm, or have minimised harm, to the significance of the asset, and should make clear the public benefits that the proposal would deliver so that any harm to the asset’s significance or setting can be weighed against the benefits. Any planning or listed building consent application for works to a non-designated heritage asset will need to be supported by a Heritage Statement. This will describe the significance of the asset, the works being proposed and why, and how the significance of the asset will be affected by those proposals, along with any mitigation measures.

Please support the DDNP at referendum to ensure we protect all Heritage assets.


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